It feels like the 2018 campaign was yesterday, but it already feels like the 2020 campaigns have started as candidates for presidential election are starting to announce.

For Assembly Men & Women, it’s possible to capitalize on your communications and contacts during your term. Your hard work and daily contacts with your constituents in your districts should not go to waste (at least not on excel), with a Community Organizing Software you can qualify your contacts and use it to organize your communications with your constituents.

Because there is nothing worse than starting a campaign in 2020 in front of a empty excel sheet, start to organize now, 2 years of hard work should not be lost forever:

  • Start qualifying your voter files ahead of the campaign.
  • Create new forms to collect new contacts and requalifying your existing ones, with center of interests.
  • Organize your newsletters and text messages by center of interests, demographics, locations, etc…
  • Start your first data-driven actions, to reach out to specific audiences.

The #2020 offer

The #2020 offer is designed to help you do all of that, to get your own DigitaleBox and train you are your team,

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